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Criminal Defense

It can be life changing if you are charged with a crime, whether you are guilty or not. Allow us here at Cingolani & Cingolani of Butler, PA to represent you with your criminal law matters. 

Family Law

Cingolani & Cingolani of Butler, PA is here to help protect your family during this difficult time with professional and experienced legal representation,when dealing with sensitive family matters.

Wills & Estates

You can trust that you will receive knowledgeable assistance from Cingolani & Cingolani of Butler, PA for all your estate planning and will needs. Don’t place your trust in just anyone to take on the task of planning for the future of your family. 

Civil LAw/Zoning

Allow us here at Cingolani & Cingolani of Butler, PA to represent you in all your civil lawsuits or zoning needs. When you are faced with civil lawsuits or zoning issues, you need to have an experienced attorney. 

Divorce Law 

When going through a complex seperation, Cingolani & Cingolani of Butler, PA is here to help you navigate through ante-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements amicably.

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About Us

Family Owned and Operated

Our firm was established by Armand R. Cingolani, Sr. in 1925. Armand R. Cingolani, Sr. was a well-respected Italian-American criminal and civil law attorney. He was well known for trying murder cases in the western countiesPennsylvania.

Our firm was passed to Armand R. Cingolani, Jr. who was a graduate of Georgetown University. Although he had a broad practice from civil, criminal, and personal injury, he was best known for his expertise in family law and representing women. He loved sailing and jazz.

Armand R. Cingolani, III now stands at the helm of our firm. He has an MBA in Finance and Economics from Ambler University in Dallas, TX. He also has earned a law degree from Cleveland State University in 1994 and a BA from the University of Pittsburgh in 1979.

Experience You Can Trust

Armand currently has 75 appeals to the PA Commonwealth Court and Supreme Courts of Pennsylvania. He has practiced in front of the third circuit in several criminal cases including a bank robbery case. Armand proudly has continued his father’s practice in family and divorce law and won numerous cases in the superior court in family law. Armand has proudly enjoyed special success in numerous acquittals like rape, sexual assault, and aggravated assaults on police.

We offer you reasonable and fair rates for your legal representation from the best lawyers in Butler, PA. We will provide you the representation you and your family need for all areas of practice! We will work around the clock for all your cases!

Our Firm Will Fight for You

We have developed for you a network of criminal forensic experts, psychotherapists, psychologists, and criminal investigators to analyze and try your cases. We are experienced, and we advocate aggressively at trial for you. We promise to not back down and never give up!

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Client Reviews

Mary Dawson

Armand is very informative, compassionate, caring, and loyal and I highly recommend this attorney to anyone. He gets to know you not only as a client but as a person. He looks out for your best interest and does his very best to help you in every aspect he can. I have personally used him and as well have referred him to others who was happy with his outcomes. I promise you won’t be let down. Give him a call. As well his prices are reasonable too.♥♥♥♥♥

Dai Rosenblum

I am a lawyer who shared office space with Armand. I watched him close at hand. He is the most out-of-the-box lawyer I ever met. He changed the way I practice law. I am a better lawyer for my clients because of what he taught me by example.♥♥♥♥♥

Rita Winger

Attorney Cingolani, is extremely wise, and fights for you. Even though he may not have agreed with our decision, he still worked hard and we won our case. I highly recommend him, especially If you truly want to win!♥♥♥♥♥

Rachel Child

I’m not only employed by Mr. Cingolani I have worked by his side for nearly years, hee is compassionate, fair and understanding, most of all what I admire most is his honesty. He tells you exactly what he can do and what can’t be done. He works hard and diligently for every client.♥♦♦♦♥

Chey Biz

I can’t stress enough how understanding and compassionate this legal team is. I am currently disabled, mom of two, going through a divorce, so I’m no longer living in the Butler area, but Armand took my case. Not only that, but, he and his team helped me out big time when I was due at court. The worst happened, and I came down with the stomach flu ( lasting a week), and was in no condition to travel and be present at court. Armand not only represented me when I couldn’t be present, he was understanding, empathetic, and reassured me “ no worries.” I tried to buy them lunch as a “ Thank you,” but they insisted to save my money, & though they appreciated the gesture, it’s “what they do, take care of their clients.” So far my journey through this divorce, the tears that I’ve shed have been more happy tears than not, and I’m grateful to have found a great attorney.♦♦♦♥♥

Michael Wadding

Armand is honest and compassionate. He will tell you exactly how he feels pulling no punches. If you are looking for the best lawyers in Butler, PA who are also honest and dedicated… here you go♦♥♥♥♦.

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